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  • TWT Creative Precinct
    TWT Creative Precinct

    Grande is the ultimate artistic expression of prestige living on the grandest of scales.

  • TWT Creative Precinct
    TWT Creative Precinct

    The Collective is a unique development promise to revolutionise urban living, blending modern design, premium amenities, and a focus on community engagement through art.

  • TWT Creative Precinct
    TWT Creative Precinct

    Breathtaking views of Sydney’s skyline from a community rooftop terrace & BBQ area.

  • TWT Creative Precinct
    TWT Creative Precinct

    Brand new luxury 1,2,3 bedroom apartments which are perfectly located between the beach and city.

  • TWT Creative Precinct
    TWT Creative Precinct

    Celebrating the spirit of St Leonards as a bustling and progressive community.

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TWT Creative Precinct

Our vibrant creative precinct

Debbie Mackinnon opened ME artspace at 25 Atchison St in 2014 – it was the first gallery to open within the TWT Creative Precinct. Previously a disused florist, the shopfront warehouse has been transformed into an art space. Nearly 5 years later the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards is home to more than 70 artists and creative businesses from the visual, performing, music and film disciplines.  With so much creativity, and so much energy, there is always something happening in the Precinct.

An active community

We play an active role in the community encouraging artists, performers and creative businesses to flourish.  Our most recent community event was in support of World Mental Health Day where artists, art studios, galleries and charity organisations came together. For more information about World Mental Health in the TWT Creative Precinct click here


There are a number of exhibitions both in the TWT Creative Precinct and involving artists from the Precinct in the coming weeks:

Different Strokes – Japanese Art & Illustration


This exhibition is a presentation of Japanese style art, featuring works of Sumi-e paintings and illustrations using a variety of drawing techniques. Please enjoy the aesthetic sense of Japan as presented by Masayo & Yumiko at Cre8tive Studio

Find out more about the exhibition here.

Contours and the interplay of colours in the landscape

Mike Staniford Solo Exhibition

For more information about Mike Staniford’s solo exhibition click here 

Successful Partnerships

7 artists from TWT Creative Precinct exhibited their work Sydney Contemporary, Australasia’s premier international art fair.  This year was the fourth edition which celebrated five days of curated exhibitions and ambitious programming appealing to the serious collector and art lover.

In 2019 our association with some of Australia’s biggest arts initiatives will continue including Art Month in March and the Head on Photo Festival in May.  Programs for each are currently in development and will be announced soon.

International Residencies

The International Artist Residency Program at TWT’s Creative Precinct, provides a unique opportunity for both emerging and established artists to immerse themselves in a new art context, community and culture. This experience enables artists to practice in a global context, build knowledge, networks and partnerships and ultimately, influence their future arts activity. 

As part this program, artist Peng Yong stayed in Sydney from July to September where he created an array of new work and also invited to give two lectures at UNSW Art & Design faculty. The next artist in the program will arrive in February 2019.

Peng Yong and his Artwork

TWT invited renowned artists, curator and arts writer, Dr Peter Hill, to give a talk in TWT Creative Precinct on 24 October 2018. TWT always play an active role in the arts community encouraging knowledge exchange amongst artists and Peter Hill shared his extensive experience, and knowledge, of international residencies with more than 30 artists that night.


At a time when inner city artists’ studios are scarce, TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards

has offered valuable studio space to some of Australia’s leading contemporary visual artists, community businesses and many others.   The studios are part of our dynamic artistic community that is in St Leonards.  There’s always something interesting happening so visit https://twtproperty.com.au/creativeprecinct/ regularly to see what’s on.

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