cre8tiv studios is an artist studio space located at 27 Atchison Street, St Leonards and is managed by local artist, Yvonne Levenston whose paintings explores man and his effects on the environment and endangered species, with particular reference to primates – Gorillas, Orangutans & Chimpanzees. 

Through Yvonne’s practice of printmaking, painting and sculpture, she enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques to achieve a unique and individual narrative that explores and engages evolution, history, memory and endangered species.

What’s on at cre8tiv studios?

Art classes

Yvonne Levenston provides art classes for upper primary, high school students and adults. The sessions can be booked as a private lesson or in small groups max 4 per class. Mediums such as acrylic, inks & charcoal as well as printmaking, sculpture, assemblage and photography will be explored. Yvonnes’ philosophy is that through experimentation and fun, everyone can find their inner artist – as a contemporary artist, rules are made to be broken.

Pet and Family commissioned portraits
Capture your pet and children in that special moment with a commissioned portrait. Pets of all shapes and sizes are accepted. The artist, Yvonne Levenston will spend time with you and your family and pet, at your residence (or suitable venue) to sketch your pet/family, take photos* and discuss your preferred style of artwork. Alternatively the artwork can be made directly from your cherished photo memories.

Artists-in-residence currently working at cre8tiv studios include:

Yvonne Levenston 

Yvonne is delighted to finally see affordable creative space becoming available in St Leonards.

“I have lived on the North Shore for most of my life but always had my studio space in other parts of Sydney due to lack of local options; I’m really excited to have found a studio space in the new TWT Creative Precinct – right next door to Debbie McKinnon’s fabulous ME Art Space and across the road from the Brand X visual art studio and gallery.  I’m really looking forward to being part of such a burgeoning creative hub. ” said Ms Levenston

Yvonne’s professional 72 x 125cm steel bed heavy duty printing press and workshop area will be available to hire for the day/week by individual artists. Read more about Yvonne Levenston and her previous work www.yvonnelevenston.com

cre8tiv 2

Bronnie Zervos 

Bronnie started creating as a way to practise mindfulness and allow time for herself in a busy world. Her journey started with sewing homewares and beach bags which proved to be very popular at local markets and in her Etsy store. Bronnie began to explore other arts and crafts including jewellery making, crochet, embroidery and macrame. While she loves creating her own pieces for her Etsy store and handmade gifts for family and friends, her real passion is inspiring others to get creative and enjoy the process of making. Bronnie believes everybody has a creative side! Bronnie is the founder and maker at Create With Us. 

Bronnie Zervos

Leon Boland

Leon was born in 1941. He showed talent as a child, but received no training. In his mid twenties he travelled to London and painted full time for four months. He later studied with John Olsen for short periods at the Bakery Art School.

In 1976 he enrolled in Architecture (UNSW) which included art as a subject. Apart from which he did not draw or paint for forty years.

In 2011 he enrolled at the Royal Art Society in Anne Cape’s class where in his first year he gained a “Commended” award for “Benedicta”. in 2012 he won the Alan Hansen Memorial award and the Drawing Prize in 2013.

He now paints at Cre8tiv Studios in St Leonards.


Brenton Schwab

Brenton started his art practice in the 1980s, and moved to Sydney in 2016 to paint full-time.

“It is the abstract I pursue when painting, yet elements of nature and landscape often reveal themselves. Although I use a variety of starting points for my paintings, its starting from random marks that has recurred throughout my art practice. As these random and chance marks accumulate on the canvas they create an unexpected conversation, leaving room for the viewer to form their own image”.


Bahman Kermany

My works takes a close look at Iranian mythologies and people’s behaviour and the way a society is formed and shaped by their history. Having grown up in Iran, a land of exquisite and highly delicate miniatures, magnificent carpets, remarkable architects and most important a land of romantic poets and epic stories, my art works engages with these familiar account, rearranging and presenting them in a new form and concept. In addition my projects continuously highlight the impact and influence of Iranian culture, wisdom and philosophy on other societies.

The nature of my practice is consistent of using different mediums and platforms which are focused on these complicated and intricate accounts, mainly poetries and their characters. Often time’s preparation takes the majority of time so the outcome is executed to exactness. Thus I find myself constantly exploring the qualities of materials such as flexible surfaces, mediums in more traditional way.

While my process is keeping the conventional western practices where my education was formed, there is a challenge to push the boundaries of Iranian traditional perception. In my recent work I set to depart from traditional narrative stories and focusing on individual characters of Iranian poetry.


Yoon Park

Yoon Park’s work focuses on juxtaposing different images, mostly of objects, to create special resonance with viewers. Park utilises images as a form of visual language, linking it to sound, sign and psychology. The different images combine and collide to spur dialogues and memories from viewers. Park’s inspiration comes from defamiliarising the everyday using slight distortion of mundane objects, such as discarded chairs.

YP       YP1

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