At TWT Property Group we do things differently with a unique style of property development, incorporating art, architecture and social wellbeing. We collaborate with the best professionals and most creative industry minds to bring new life to every project.

Quality of life is important to us. What’s happening outside our homes is as important as what is offered inside. We want everyone to be a part of something more, something better – where residents, artists and visitors to our communities can prosper and grow – and of course our Team.

If this sounds like a Team you would like to be a part of, then please get in touch.

Manager – Asset Portfolio

TWT Property Group

Sydney, Australia

We are looking for an exceptional Manager - Asset Portfolio to join our team, who will be responsible for managing the portfolio, across residential, commercial, light industrial, future hotel and serviced apartments.
Key to the role, will be the development and implementation of strategies and initiatives that improve the quality, utilisation and financial effectiveness of the asset portfolio.

In this role you will:

  • Oversee external property managers/leasing agents, and prepare/manage Capex budget in line with company asset management strategies.
  • Identify and address potential risks, ensuring compliance with legislation and policy within specific properties, and manage supplier applications.
  • Prepare monthly asset portfolio performance reports, that contribute to strategic planning, development and implementation of business plans consistent with the operational framework
    Assist the finance team with calculation and management of portfolio models providing key metrics, including WALE’s, expiry profiles, vacancy and rent at risk.
  • Conduct cost and operational performance reviews, that identify gaps, cost efficiencies and evaluate opportunities for additional revenue.
  • Provide strategic advice on market movements, trends and discontinuities and assist in the valuation of assets as well as internal audit
  • Develop forecasting and analysis that contribute to the successful management of asset lifecycle, aligned with business objectives.
  • Assist the acquisition team with property due diligence, building reports (including potential capex and leasing risk) and documentation of approved purchases
  • Undertake financial modelling analysis of CapEx and Fixed assets, and analyse property revenue and related expenditure.
  • Prepare rolling 3-year CapEx budgets, with annual review of the annual asset management capital and operating budget, providing, monthly management reports to support effective decision making.

What you need:

  • 5+ years’ experience in a similar senior asset management role
  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail
  • To ensure success in the role and team, you will have sound experience in a similar role.

To ensure success in the role and team, you will have sound experience in a similar role.  

Of course, you will also need a positive attitude with a passion and enthusiasm for working as part of a dynamic team.

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Project Manager

TWT Property Group

Sydney, Australia

The ideal candidate will oversee on-site projects assisting in the delivery of TWT project outcomes.

Playing a key role, in ensuring deliverables meet the required standard of quality, within the specified requirements of time and project milestones.

Your role will also include:

  • Ensuring contracted project resources are effectively allocated delivering innovation.
  • Collaborate as part of the Project Team with stakeholders and consultants to achieve quality and timeline.
  • Prepare accurate and comprehensive recommendations to ensure project outcomes are achieved on time, and within agreed scope.
  • Assist with contract administration, reviewing claims for payment delivering time and quality across the project lifecycle.
  • Monitor the on-site works undertaken by contractors and subcontractors, to ensure delivery of quality and contracted scope of works.
  • Prepare timely, accurate & professional (internal and external) reports that support the proactive management of projects.
  • Exercise sound business judgement, identify, investigate and analyse impacts and/or opportunities with a solution focus.
  • Ensure TWT compliance with all Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policies, Contractual and legislative requirements.

You will be a highly-motivated team player with a demonstrated track record in all aspects of construction project management, and have excellent communication and leadership ability.

Of course, you will also need a positive attitude with a passion and enthusiasm for working as part of a dynamic team.

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Corporate Marketing Manager

TWT Property Group

Sydney, Australia

We are looking for an exceptional Corporate Marketing Manager to join our team, who is innovative, and will take on the development and implementation of a range of marketing strategies & initiatives designed to build on the current brand initiatives and awareness.
You will manage the corporate marketing programs, social media, content, website and will take responsibility from concept through to execution.

Responsibilities will include:
  • Development and execution of a cohesive marketing and communications strategy, including the delivery of communications & social media content, that continues to build brand awareness.  
  • Website management, ensuring engaging content for both website and social media that reaches the target audience.
  • Management of Australian marketing and communications budget and expenditure, including effectiveness reporting and measurement of marketing activities.
  • Monitoring and staying on top of the latest trends and tools to ensure that TWT is at the leading edge.   
  • Build and maintain relationships with key media outlets and journalists across print, radio, TV, magazines and online.
  • Create and manage website content ensuring relevant information is readily available and content is dynamic.
  • Ensure that all PR & Marketing actions are ethical and meet relevant legislative requirements.
  • Develop and implement media and customer experience strategies


To be successful in this role you will need:

  • A degree qualification in marketing or a related field, with at least 8 years’ relevant work experience in Marketing and Brand Management.
  • Previous experience in Property is highly desirable
  • Proven experience in identifying target audiences and in creatively devising and leading multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage and motivate.
  • To be up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement, with a keen eye for design & an ability to create visually striking campaigns.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills

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  • "When I started with TWT, it was in a role very different from the one I am doing now. It’s been a great place to gain exposure to a diverse business, gain the experience and to contribute in different ways. Being part of the TWT team has allowed me to grow my understanding of residential property and the commitment it takes to deliver our projects."
    Jing Pan,
    Marketing Coordinator

TWT Property Group

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